How will the PVG scheme work?

The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG Scheme) will help to ensure that people who have regular contact with vulnerable groups in Scotland through work don’t have a known history of harmful or abusive behaviour.

Checking staff and volunteers is an important part of safe recruitment and the PVG Scheme will make it possible for employers to do a quick and simple check to verify that a person is not known to be unsuitable to work – paid or unpaid – with vulnerable groups.

  • People who work or volunteer, on a regular basis, with vulnerable groups will join the PVG Scheme and from then on, their membership records will be automatically updated if any new vetting information arises. Vetting information is conviction and non-conviction information held by the police that is considered relevant.
  • Continuing to collect vetting information, after a person becomes a PVG Scheme member, will help to ensure that new information indicating that they might pose a risk to vulnerable groups can be acted upon promptly.
  • The PVG Scheme introduces different types of disclosures to suit different needs and to make the disclosure process as quick and efficient as possible and cheaper to use in the long run. This will significantly reduce the need for people to complete a detailed application form every time their employment or volunteering circumstances change.
  • Disclosure Scotland will manage and deliver the PVG Scheme as an executive agency of the Scottish Government. It will take on additional responsibilities including taking decisions on behalf of Scottish Ministers, about who should be barred from working with vulnerable groups.

For more information including the latest news and frequently asked questions on how the PVG scheme is being implemented please visit the PVG Scheme pages on the Scottish Government website.